Four weeks later, she felt much batter and eat normally and go back to work. She had given birth to a health boy in full term. She came back straight away when she fall pregnant and had morning sickness again. She had experience that the acupuncture could help her lot.

More than half of all pregnant women experience morning sickness. Morning sickness is the nauseated feeling you get during pregnancy. Morning sickness can be, but is not always, accompanied with vomiting. The nausea is often a result of the increased hormones in your body. Many health care providers think morning sickness is a good sign because it means the placenta is developing well. Most women suffer from nausea in early pregnancy, and it can stop some of them in their tracks. There isn't much on the market to help, and many pregnant women are understandably reluctant to consume any medication. The acupuncture works very well to resolve the morning sickness sine the acupuncture could balance the system and moving the energy.

The research shown that those who had classical acupuncture had significantly less nausea and retching in the first two weeks of the month-long study. One study looked at 88 pregnant women with hyperemesis, a severe form of morning sickness. Women received either an anti-nausea drug called metoclopramide or twice weekly acupuncture sessions for two weeks, plus acupressure. Both treatments were found to reduce nausea and vomiting intensity. Acupuncture was more effective than the drug in improving psychosocial functioning.

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