My advice to the public are: Seek acupuncture treatment as soon as possible: make an appointment with experienced acupuncturist ASAP, when you are diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Acupuncture is often very successful in relieving the pain and facial paralysis that come with the condition, especially when treatment is begun within the first two weeks of diagnosis. Bell's palsy patients who receive treatment within the first 10 to 14 days may experience restored circulation, increased muscle function and reduced numbness after only six to eight visits, although it may take further visits to achieve a maximum therapeutic effect. Do not discount acupuncture if you've had Bell's palsy symptoms for several months or more, as many patients still get relief from Chinese Medicine. Integrate Moxibustion, vitamin B, and Chinese herb to speed up the recovery: Heat is a valuable therapeutic tool in acupuncture, and is often used in Bell's palsy treatment--especially by traditional Chinese practitioners. Moxibustion treatment is done by holding a lit, herbal Moxa stick over pressure points or inserted needles for 5 to 15 minutes to clear obstructions in the Qi pathways and encourage energy flow. Moxibustion promotes healing by stimulating your body's immune system, restoring nerve sensation and improving muscle function. B vitamins are a widely accepted natural supplement for Bell's palsy. Chronic, unrelenting forms of Bell's palsy are believed to occur as a result of a B12 deficiency. The vitamin therapy, including B12, B6 and the mineral zinc, may be helpful in restoring nerve function.There are several herbs that may provide antiviral effects in the treatment of HSV associated palsy. The herb is also purported to prevent the progression of palsy to full paralysis. There are herbs to enhance the effectiveness of antiviral agents and promote the energy flowing and blood circulation to speed up the healing.

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